Jobs in Yukon

The Yukon is the smallest territory in Canada, but is the most rich in natural resources and cultural history. Mining accounts for over 30 percent of its economy and helps create a reasonable amount of jobs in Yukon. A sizeable portion of Yukon jobs can also be attributed to an expanding tourism industry. The government, which provides jobs in the Yukon for over 5,000 people today, heavily promotes tourism. In addition to winter sports, the Yukon has many natural parks and wildlife that will continue to provide jobs in Yukon. The Yukon has worked to preserve the rich history and culture of the region and this continues to be of real interest to visitors. Their interest helps feed the healthy tourism industry and, in turn, provides more jobs in the Yukon.

Though the traditionally strong foresting and fishing industry has declined in recent years, a more promising field has quickly replaced them. The manufacturing business has expanded to become the most important industry next to tourism. This healthy mix of industries provides thousands of jobs in the Yukon each year. The bulk of these Yukon jobs are in business and administration, making these occupations the second largest employment field in the Yukon.