Saskatchewan Jobs on the Rise

With one of the most educated work forces in Canada, Saskatchewan is projected to have a continually healthy employment rate. This is primarily a result of the deeply rooted exporting activity. Minerals, most notably Potash, are expected to see a renewed growth in their exportation rate. Plans to expand mines will provide a hearty investment into the potential growth of this industry. The expanding mining industry will once again provide jobs in Saskatchewan. As the second highest province in oil production, Saskatchewan's oil industry also predicts investment into its oil fields. Both public projects and private investments reached record levels in 2010 and should continue to rise. These investments create projects that lead to an increased numbers of jobs in Saskatchewan.

Despite such investments, the province is experiencing a shift from goods to services production. This transition from its former economic activity also encompasses what was once the biggest industry in Saskatchewan, agriculture. Although a former powerful resource, agriculture profits plummeted in the past year from the difficult spring season. The attempt to revive the Saskatchewan economy will instead be transferred to export activity, transportation, shipping, and healthcare. As the population reaches a record high, the province plans to see the number of Saskatchewan jobs rise with it. The healthy GDP of $41.6 billion is projected to continually develop as the province rapidly expands into the service and resource industries, resulting in an increase in jobs available in Saskatchewan.