Network Administrator Jobs in Your Area

Today all industries rely on computer networks for their organizations to function. Teams of employees are typically hired to maintain these networks. However, it is the network administrator's job to supervise the team of network technicians and developers. Responsibilities also include budget planning, network security, deciding what type of technology is used, and ensuring that the needs of the organization are met.

Managing a technology-based team of individuals takes a lot of skill and knowledge. Employers are seeking individuals to fill network administrator jobs who have earned, at minimal, a bachelor's degree in computer programming. In some cases, a master's and/or additional certifications is preferred. The average salary for network administrator jobs can run high; around C$70,000 a year.

The Labour Market has Network Administrator jobs available for qualified individuals. Please apply for one of those positions below. If you do not currently possess the required credentials, you can explore education and training options to improve your chances of landing a job as a Network Technician.

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