Jobs in New Brunswick (NB)

It is anticipated that New Brunswick will show the least improvement in terms of economic recovery. By the end of this year it is foreseen that the gross domestic product (GDP) will only grow by 2.3%. Still, this is a positive development.

New Brunswick's information technology sector is one of the largest industries in Canada and will continue to grow. This will maintain many jobs in New Brunswick for those in the computer technology field. Forestry and petroleum products have long since been a staple for the economic survival and jobs available in New Brunswick, but these industries have been trying to repair the losses of 2009.

Areas such as healthcare, science technologies, and construction, however, have shown increasing potential for an expansion in job opportunities in New Brunswick. Jobs in the business world have also started to become more prominent. As research and technology industries grow larger, more professional business workers will be needed to oversee the retail, marketing, and accounting for these products.