Prince Edward Island Jobs

Prince Edward Island was the only province to see major growth in 2009, and its growth has continued into 2010. Because of this successful track record, Prince Edward Island is expected to see even more economic progress in the future.

Although agricultural declines in products, such as potatoes, have cut into the export market, other exports like seafood have satiated the needs of the United States after the Gulf Coast oil spill. This increased demand from the States has also created a demand for workers. In addition, the aircraft business sector will create many new jobs on Prince Edward Island due to growing exports in the parts and repair business.

The housing industry is expected to stay relatively the same. However, construction and non-residential building is currently showing signs of a steady increase in both spending and jobs in Prince Edward Island. Scientific developments and healthcare jobs are also expected to see a continual improvement, contributing to the overall growth of Prince Edward Island job opportunities.