Jobs in Nunavut

Canada's largest territory, Nunavut, is concentrated on the area's natural resources. The mining industry is thriving so well that it is worth over $240 million currently. As investments pour into this field, jobs in Nunavut are expected to skyrocket. It is predicted that mining will generate a substantial amount of Nunavut jobs. In addition to mining, the Inuit population in Nunavut is still very dependent on traditional harvest methods. Though the harvest economy is worth millions annually, Nunavut is seeking to supplement and perhaps improve on the Inuit methods. This transition into new harvesting techniques is already creating many news jobs in Nunavut.

While gold has traditionally dominated the Nunavut market, recent developments in diamond mining is projected to create more Nunavut jobs. Jobs in Nunavut will also come from a growing oil industry as well as tourism, both of which are heavily promoted by the Nunavut government. The government exercises a fair amount of control over the territory and encourages industries to spur employment and create more Nunavut jobs for this growing region.