Jobs in Nova Scotia (NS)

Bordering on the east coast of Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia's economic pillars are the maritime resources provided by its location. The coastal province is projected to undergo a moderate growth of 2.2% in 2010, fueled by increased exports and the service industry. Formerly a vibrant fishing capital, the province is seeing renewed growth in this industry that will create many jobs in Nova Scotia. The recent oil spill in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico has driven the demand and prices for Atlantic catches from the Canadian coast. Additionally, cruise ship traffic at the port of Nova Scotia has been steadily climbing. This climb aligns with the consistent performance of the established tourism industry.

The thriving maritime industry historically has provided many job opportunities in Nova Scotia. As the province undergoes regained life, jobs in Nova Scotia are projected to grow as well. The resource-based economy will see another influx in progression once the production of the Deep Panuke natural gas field begins.

Being a cost-effective province for residency has propelled the growth of the real estate industry and corresponding jobs in Nova Scotia. Finance, insurance, and information technology services also continue to healthily expand. Though retail sales have been strong, it is suspected that purchases swelled as a result of sales being made prior to an increase in the provincial sales tax. The slow employment growth rate is expected to turn around with the promotion of small businesses as well as the expansion of many major companies from all over the world into Nova Scotia. Overall, jobs in Nova Scotia appear to be on the rise as the province and its industries continue to grow.