Jobs in North West Territories

As the second largest territory, the Northwest supplies a significant portion of Canada's economy. This region relies primarily on mining to provide its wealth. The well-established mining industry will continue to provide many jobs in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Prior to the last ten years, gold mining drove the Northwest economy; while that is still a relevant industry, diamond mining now has more promising prospects. An increased awareness in the blood diamonds of Africa has encouraged the world to turn to Canada for the precious stones. This transition to Canadian diamonds will add new NWT jobs.

In addition to mining, the north west has seen a lot development in the offshore drilling industry. Both offshore drilling and mining have been of great concern to environmentalists. This interest in preserving the environment could spur jobs in the Northwest Territories. Ecological oriented careers also exist and continue to emerge from the hunting, fishing, and trapping industry that supports the Aboriginal population's lifestyle. This industry creates one of the highest GDPs as well as an abundance of Northwest Territories jobs. All of these sensitive fields prompt the government to exercise greater control over the entire territory. Because of this, the government helps many other industries and continually looks to create more jobs in the North West Territories (NWT).