Jobs in Manitoba

The province of Manitoba saw greater economical growth than others in 2009. Although it is not expected to be as successful in the future, a 3.1% increase in gross domestic product (GDP) indicates that there will be continuous growth of jobs in Manitoba on into the next year.

Transportation and manufacturing industries will fare well for those looking for a job in Manitoba. Increased Manitoba job opportunities in commercial aircraft and public transit vehicle transportation will also be a great contributor to the province's economy. Residential and non-residential construction continues to create vacancies that compliment the increase in Manitoba jobs. Production has played a major role in economic growth as well. It is predicted that it will play an even larger impact in the future.

The art community plays a significant role in the culture of Manitoba's populated areas. As a result, the art and design field has begun to turn into viable career options for creative individuals seeking jobs in Manitoba. As this demand increases, tourist revenue will multiply due to developments of cultural facilities and urban attractions.