Canada's Hot Jobs in Demand

With the help of government support and corporate investments, Canada has recovered from the recession faster than the rest of the developed world. Positions are anticipated to open up as the provinces advance through 2011.

With this increase of job openings, there are certain in-demand jobs that are expected to grow much faster than other jobs. These jobs in demand are found within a variety of industries, and will offer higher job security and increased job opportunities.

Find Your In-Demand Job Today

Check out the list of Canada's most in-demand jobs today. Each of the programs listed below are in need of trained professionals. There is no better time to get a career in one of these hot jobs in demand than now.

Canada's most in-demand jobs today.
Career Growth Rate Salary
1. Computer Systems Technician 7.40% C$58,363 - C$83,583 Learn More
2. Business Consultant 7.10% C$40,000 - C$130,000 Learn More
3. Computer Programmer 7.10% C$40,101 - C$55,930 Learn More
4. Database Admin / Mgmt. 7.10% C$47,773 - C$76,579 Learn More
5. Network Administrator 7.10% C$70,000 Learn More
6. Electrician 6.10% C$33,905 - C$60,419 Learn More
7. Oil & Gas Admin Assistant 6% C$40,000 Learn More
8. Accounting / Payroll Admin 5% C$35,000 - C$75,000 Learn More
9. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 4.90% C$40,0973 - C$52,587 Learn More
10. Paralegal 1.7% C$40,000-C$60,000 Learn More