Hospitality Management Jobs

Hospitality is part of the growing tourism sector and individuals are needed to oversee the working staff in hotels and cruise lines that are rapidly expanding. Opportunities in the tourism sector are expected to increase as expanding downtown cities and a new aviation contract between Asia and Air Canada are all projected to contribute to a thriving tourism industry.

Those who work in hospitality management jobs are expected to coordinate the office, sales, food, and housekeeping aspects for companies providing accommodation services. Hospitality manager jobs demand that these individuals integrate a variety of skills into their repertoire to ensure the smooth operation of an organization. Responsibilities can include customer relations, training new employees, food management, and supervising the front desk.

A degree is not required by most employers but will give an advantage to individuals seeking a career in hospitality management. A growing demand for qualified individuals with management skills will help spur employment in this field. Those employed in hospitality manager jobs usually earn salaries between C$35,000 and C$80,000 a year.

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