Health Care Careers

Some medical facilities have grown in size, while new ones are being constructed every year. As the healthcare industry increases, there becomes a demand for thousands of workers to run hospitals and physician offices day to day. Most of these part-time and full-time jobs require little education to become qualified. Jobs such as pharmacy technicians, nurses, and medical administrative assistants have all seen development. Most provinces including: Newfoundland & Labrador, Alberta, Ontario, and P.E.I., have seen vast growth in health care jobs during the past year, and expect to see more growth in the future.

Featured Health Care Jobs Available

Career Growth Rate Salary
1. Addictions Counsellor 5.2% C$37,301 - C$46,818 Learn More
2. Medical Admin Assistant 4.9% C$30,215 - C$40,025 Learn More
3. Licensed Practical Nurse 4.9% C$40,973 - C$52,587 Learn More
4. Certified Nursing Assistant 4.9% C$26,687 - C$44,114 Learn More
5. Rehabilitation Therapist 4.4% C$50,000 Learn More
6. Pharmacy Tech 3% C$32,570 Learn More