Jobs for Electricians

Electricians are skilled individuals that are a necessity for most of the developed world. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and smooth operation of various buildings by maintaining and installing electrical systems.

An electrician's license is required to be considered for any of our electrician vacancies. Being able to work in multiple regions of Canada through an Interprovincial license increases the number of available jobs for electricians. Electrician jobs yielded salaries of C$33,905 to C$60,419 a year.

Fortunately electricians already experience a relatively high job security. This dynamic career is integral to industries such as construction and mining, which accounts for a vast portion of Canada's economy. In addition to these established industries, rapid technological change constantly produces new and interesting jobs for electricians. Canada Visa's website notes that the shortage of electricians across the provinces will also help create thousands of electrician vacancies over the next five years.

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