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According to the Canadian Tourism Commission, the tourism industry in Canada provided 600,000 jobs in 2010. As Canada moves into 2011, it is expected that there will be a continued promotion of travel to and from Canada. As with most travel and tourism careers, travel and tourism specialists are expected to see major job growth in their line of work.

Specialists use computer systems to organize travel and vacation packages for clients. They must examine current trends and establish a strong understanding of when and why people make the decisions to travel. It is also ideal to utilize customer service and sales techniques to encourage clients to book trips through you.

Careers in travel and tourism booking typically require that one be trained in the industry standards before finding work. Many employers prefer those who have studied a specialization that teaches industry skills for types of travel such as leisure, corporate, cruise, or even eco-friendly travelling. Starting salaries for those pursuing travel and tourism careers are estimated at C$30,000 with a potential to earn upwards of C$80,000 annually.

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