The Benefits of a Master's Degree

College degrees are unarguably one of best advantages a candidate will have over another. Add a master's degree and that significantly increases your career opportunities. According to Statistics Canada, Canada is one of the most highly educated workforces in the world. Over a million people under the age of 65 hold a master's degree or some form of higher-level qualification. It is highly favourable to be a part of this group in order to meet the competitive standard.

Top Advantages of a Master's Degree

  • Enhance Competitive Edge

    Employers actively seek those with a master’s degree. As a result, new master’s programs are being developed to meet the growing demand for trained workers. According to the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies, schools are currently evolving their curriculums to help their graduates find jobs. Programs are increasingly tailored to ensure employment and some programs have been created – and others modified – as a direct response to the demands of specific industries.

  • Improve Opportunities

    Many master’s degree programs have been designed as a method to promote candidates who want to change careers or may plan on doing so in the future. A graduate degree adds to your current assets while leaving room for you to move towards other career paths. Even if you aren’t considering a career change now, a graduate degree can equip you with the option to do so later.

  • Stay Relevant

    Even those who want to stay in their current line of work must continually educate themselves to stay relevant in their field. There are programs that provide training specifically for people interested in upgrading their current credentials. Graduate education in Canada promotes improvement on the industry skills many people already possess.

  • Increase Salary

    No matter what stage you’re at in your career pursuit, it’s hard to argue that one of the greatest benefits of a master’s degree is the increased salary. The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies reports that those with a master’s degree have a noticeably higher salary than those with a bachelor’s degree. Statistics Canada found that master’s graduates earned over $10,000 more than their bachelor’s degree counterparts for all fields of studies. This 25% increase could be yours with merely two years of additional education.

The overall benefit to obtaining a master’s degree is securing a better future. Graduate studies promote critical thinking while utilizing resources and research exercises to provide their students with the most current information in their field of study. While earning your master’s degree you will learn invaluable skills to add to your resume. Online search directories such as Grad School Network make it easy for you to find the right master’s degree program for you.