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Those who work in administrative assistant positions in the oil and gas industry are in charge of various clerical duties. Administrative assistant jobs typically involve answering phones, forwarding messages, attending meetings, taking notes, typing memos, office management, and utilizing computer programs to enter data or produce documents.

Administrative assistant jobs don't always require formal training or credentials. However, most employers prefer those who have completed a one-year training program that focused specifically on administrative assistant positions in the petroleum industry.

Job outlook in this industry is projected to grow faster than average over the next decade. Oil and gas exportation accounts for a significant portion of Canada's economy and will flourish even more as the demand for oil increases. As the industry grows, companies will need more support from those in administrative assistant positions. Employers highly value administrative assistants who are proficient in industry terminology. The expertise of these assistants is so coveted that those in oil and gas administrative assistant jobs made an average of C$40,000 in 2010.

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