Addictions Counsellor Jobs Available

Addictions counsellors assist those who are afflicted by drug and alcohol abuse to overcome their problems and live healthy, sober lives. Addictions counsellors provide therapeutic services for people. Addictions counsellor jobs focus on recovery and rehabilitation in which they guide persons through coming to terms with their addiction, making amends, and helping to direct them toward a healthier life. In order to become legally qualified to work, addictions counsellor jobs require that one must become certified as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation therapist.

Throughout the nation there has been a high demand to fill addictions counsellor jobs with skilled workers. You must not only have a great understanding for the psychology of treatment care, but also must assess human behavior as you will come to treat all types of patients on a frequent basis. The average salary for addictions workers ranges between C$37,301 to C$46,818 a year.

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