Accounting & Payroll Jobs in Your Area

Payroll administrators work with one of the most important elements in a business: the numbers. It is the hard work of those in accountant positions that generate all of the details necessary for companies to pay their employees. Responsibilities may include preparing financial statements, overlooking bank activities, and even organizing taxes for entire company. Much of this work is done on computers and it is favorable to be familiar with ACCPAC accounting software programs.

Both accounting jobs and payroll jobs require a four-year degree in accounting in order for an applicant to get hired. In addition, applicants must be certified as a Payroll Compliance Practitioner to work in Canada.

As the business industry expands, so does the number of payroll and accountant positions. Accounting jobs are an integral part to a businesses success, regardless of their size or industry. Accountants can choose to work for a private accounting firm, be self employed and work with multiple clients, or work exclusively for a large company. Payroll administrators make between C$35,000 and C$55,000 annually according to

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